Dear friends, this is a set of 100 questions based on Indian Constitution. this is really very helpful for Civil services, ssc, state psc & all upcoming exams. So enjoy reading…. :)
1. Who administers the Oath of Office to the President?
A. The Chief Justice of India
B. The Speaker
C. The Prime Minister
D. The Vice President

2. Who has the authority to proclaim emergency in the States?
A. The Governor
B. The Chief Minister
C. The President
D. The Prime Minister

3. Which of the following amendments relates to the Local Government Institutions?
A. 52nd Amendment
B. 73rd Amendment
C. 66th Amendment
D. 70th Amendment

4. The real executive authority of the State is
A. the Governor
B. the Speaker
C. the Council of Ministers
D. the Chief Justice of High Court

5. The minimum age for being eligible to become the Prime Minister of India is
A. 21 years
B. 25 years
C. 30 years
D. 35 years

6. When was the President’s Succession Act enacted?
A. 1955
B. 1959
C. 1964
D. 1969

7. Who enjoys the right to impose reasonable restrictions on the Fundamental Rights?
A. The President
B. The Supreme Court
C. The Parliament
D. The Lok Sabha

8. How many times the President has declared the financial emergency?
A. Once
B. Twice
C. Thrice
D. Never

9. Who decides the disputes regarding the election of the President?
A. The Speaker
B. The Supreme Court
C. The Election Commission
D. The Parliament

10. How many seats are reserved for Union Territories in the Lok Sabha?
A. 10 seats
B. 15 seats
C. 20 seats
D. 30 seats

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  1. if you provide the same information in hindi…then it will be very useful for those who are attempting RPSC exam in Hindi Medium….So pl post n support for those…


  2. It wud be great if u can provide MCQs like these of other subjects as well (history, Science, Geog). Only a suggestion!!

  3. i am going to write Assistant Central Intelligence Officer – Grade – II / Executive Examination – 2011 on july please send past year question papers in this pattern aper I:

    Paper I is Objective type containing questions on

    a. General Knowledge

    b. Arithmetic

    c. English Language

    Paper II:

    Paper II us Descriptive type consisting of:

    a. Essay

    b. Precis writing

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    Best wishes by your side…,..,……………. M.P.ANSARI

  5. sir plz also add the previous year paper and the material gequire for P.A & juniour intelligence officer grade 2 under department of home affairs

  6. it will be very helpful site if it will be provide with answers of these questions. so pls. tell some way. rply

  7. can you plz provide some question papers for Intelligence Bureau Assistant Central Intelligence Officer – Grade – II / Executive Examination – 2012 which is to be held on 23rd Sept..

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