Professional Knowledge Practice Paper for IBPS Specialist Officer

This is a set of 30 Sample Question of  Professional Knowledge for IBPS Specialist officer. Test of Professional Knowledge in IBPS, Newly added section, and most of the candidates don’t know the exact type of questions from professional knowledge section will come. Here you can have the professional knowledge model questions papers with answers for IBPS specialist officer exam.When you compare with other section , professional knowledge for 75 marks and the number of questions will be only 50. So candidates have to score in this section,in order to get good score. here we are providing you IBPS specialist officer model questions on test of professional knowledge section. Hope you will get minimum idea on type of questions come under professional knowledge.

Professional Knowledge

1. One of the following is not included in the 7 P’s of Marketing. Find the same_____________
(A). Placement
(B). Price
(C). Production
(D). Promotion
(E). Product
Ans. (C). Production

2. Analysis of marketing problem helps in ______________
(A). Evaluating marketing opportunities
(B). Reducing marketing staff
(C). Reducing profits
(E). Motivation
Ans. (A). Evaluation Marketing Opportunities

3. Innovation is marketing is same as _________________
(A). Motivation
(B). Perspiration
(C). Aspiration
(D). Creativity
(E). Team work
Ans. (D). Creativity

4.Market Segmentation is required for _________________
(A). preferential market
(B). OTC Marketing
(C). Internal Marketing
(D). Identifying sales persons
(E). Identifying prospects
Ans. (E). Identifying prospects

5. Bank ATMs are__________________

(A). Delivery outlets
(B). market plans
(C). Personalized Products
(D). Tools for overcoming buyers resistance
(E). Motivating tools
Ans. (C). Personalized Products

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