Information about West Bengal

Area : 88,752 sq. km
Population : 80,176,197
Capital : Kolkata
Principal Languages : Bengali

History and Geography

The State of Bengal finds a coveted place, even in pre-historic times. At the time of Alexander’s invasion, a powerful kingdom called Gangaridai ruled over Bengal. Continue reading

Information about Uttar Pradesh

Area : 2,40,928 sq. km
Population : 166,052,859
Capital : Lucknow
Principal Languages : Hindi and Urdu

History and Geography

The history of the State of Uttar Pradesh is very ancient and interesting. It is recognised in the later Vedic Age as Brahmarshi Desha or Madhya Desha. Continue reading

Information about Uttarakhand

Area : 53,484 sq. km
Population : 8,489,349
Capital : Dehradun
Principal Languages :
Hindi, Garhwali, Kumaoni

History and Geography

Uttarakhand finds mention in the ancient Hindu scriptures as Kedarkhand, Manaskhand and Himavant. Continue reading

Information about Tripura

Area : 10,491.69 sq. km
Population : 3,199,203
Capital : Agartala
Principal Languages : Bengali and Kokborak

History and Geography

Tripura has a long historic past, a unique tribal culture and a fascinating folklore. Continue reading

Information about Tamil Nadu

Area : 1,30,058 sq. km
Population : 62,405,679
Capital : Chennai
Principal Languages : Tamil

History and Geography

The State of Tamil Nadu has a hoary antiquity. Though early sangam classics throw historical references, we pass to recorded history only from the Pallavas.

The southern states of India were under the hegemony of the Cholas, the Cheras and the Pandyas for centuries. Continue reading

Information about Rajasthan

Area : 3,42,239 sq. km
Population : 56,473,122
Capital : Jaipur
Principal Languages : Hindi and Rajasthani

History and Geography

Rajasthan, the largest State in India in terms of area, prior to independence, was known as Rajputana or the home of Rajputs – a martial community who ruled over this area for centuries. Continue reading

Information about Punjab

Area : 50,362 sq. km
Population : 24,358,999
Capital : Chandigarh
Principal Languages : Punjabi

History and Geography

Ancient Punjab formed part of the vast Indo-Iranian region. In later years, it saw the rise and fall of the Mauryans, Bactrians, Greeks, Sakas, Kushans and Guptas. Medieval Punjab witnessed the supremacy of the Muslims. Continue reading

Information about Orissa

Area : 1,55,707 sq. km
Population : 36,804,660
Capital : Bhubaneshwar
Principal Languages : Oriya

Orissa: At a Glance

The name Orissa is derived from Sanskrit word “Odra Vishaya” or “Odra Desa”. The ancient province of “Odra desa” or “Or-desa” was limited to the valley of the Mahanadi and to the lower course of the Subarnarekha River. Continue reading

Infomation about Nagaland

Area : 16,579 sq. km
Population : 1,988,636
Capital : Kohima
Principal Languages : Angami, Ao, Chang, Konyak, Lotha, Sangtam, Sema and Chakhesang

History and Geography Continue reading

Information about Meghalaya

Area : 22,429 sq km

Population : 2,318,822
Capital : Shillong
Principal Languages : Khasi, Garo and English

History and Geography
Meghalaya was created as an autonomous state within the state of Assam on 2 April, 1970. The full-fledged State of Meghalaya came into existence on 21 January, 1972. Continue reading

Information about Manipur

Area : 22,327 sq km

Population : 2,293,896
Capital : Imphal
Principal Languages : Manipuri

History and Geography
Manipur has a long and glorious history from the beginning of the Christian era. The recorded history of kingship started from 33 AD, which marked the coronation of Pakhangba. Continue reading